A little something I like to do for Real Estate friends!

Just a few that I've Inspected...

Some cosmetic damage the could potentially lead to interior issue or door frame issue to were it may not close properly.

Dry vent was routed into the crawl space and not properly vented away from the structure cause moisture levels to be high.

Another simple cosmetic fix - Interior Masterbed room door splitting at the hinge seams.

I actually had concerns in regards to moisture damage from a leak in the kitchen area but it turned out to minimal . Because of the concerns there was termite damage to the sill plate that had to be replaced.



Customer also had a concern with the squeaking floor in the Master bedroom\bathroom area. Originally there was no support for the area and along with soft wood allowed the joist\beams to give and squeak. Shoring was adequate and alleviated the noise.

On another home the brass fitting was sweating causing the wood floor to warp and rot. Recommended to have repaired or corrected.

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